Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

Bathrooms experience a lot of activity and changes in temperature and humidity, which takes a toll over time. Fixtures, features, walls and flooring get dingy, worn out and outdated, leaving this room looking tired and old. When you need to renovate your bathroom, the costs might make your heart skip several beats. Don’t let that discourage you; there are ways to improve the look of this necessary space without killing your budget.

Bathroom Reno

Add New Wall Treatment

Adding a new coat of paint, wainscoting or even just hanging wall art transforms the look of a bathroom very quickly. If painting, make sure you clean walls thoroughly to remove dirt, soap scum, mold or mildew or your paint job won’t last. If you choose wainscoting, pick vinyl instead of wood, because it will handle the humidity of the room better and is usually easier to clean.

Add New Fixtures

Replace your old, worn fixtures with new ones. You can find attractive fixtures at reasonable prices and as long as they all match, it will improve the whole look of the bathroom. Stick with a similar color scheme throughout the bathroom to create design harmony. For example, if you have a mirror framed in a silver metal, choose silver-colored fixtures.

Use Decorative Tiles

Wall tiles offer one inexpensive way to add color and style to a boring bathroom without much work. Use colorful glass or ceramic tiles to frame a mirror, create a pattern on a wall or replace ugly old broken tiles on the wall or floor.

Replace Old Grout

Grout degrades over time and collects mildew and soap scum, which are hard to remove from the crevices of crumbling grout. Use a grout-removing tool to remove the old grout from your bathroom tiles, then clean the area and replace the grout with mold and mildew resistant grout. If all tiles are still clean and in good repair, it can look like you have replaced the entire bathtub, shower or flooring, respectively, after you have done this.

Resurface the Vanity

An old vanity can look new again with a new surface. There is usually no need to remove the old surface as long as you clean it well and make sure it is smooth. Then, either add tiles or laminate to the top for a brand new appearance.

Before you start making any changes, remember to scrub your bathroom thoroughly from top to bottom. This can give you a fresh perspective on features and fixtures that can remain versus those that are too worn or outdated to keep. If your budget is so small that you can only afford to replace one thing at a time, know that it will eventually be accomplished.

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5 Simple Basement Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling your basement gives your home several advantages. If you’re looking to sell the home, a remodeled basement can add a ton of value. If you plan to stay at your home for a while, a finished basement can give you a few extra bedrooms, a family room, a game room, a home theater, or whatever else you might want. Follow these steps and tips to remodel your basement in the most practical way.

Basement Remodeling

1. Repair Water Damage

Before you do anything else in your basement, you must repair water damage. Be sure to seal off any cracks where water can enter. Have your foundation thoroughly checked by someone with the skills to do so. You have to ensure that the basement will stay clean and safe during and after the remodeling process.

2. Consider Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings remind people of offices, but you could choose from plenty of different styles to suit your tastes. Suspended ceilings provide style and practicality to a home. You can keep plumbing and electrical lines hidden from view, but you can also access them easily with the removable tiles.

3. Recessed Lighting

If you choose a suspended ceiling, then recessed lighting would be a great option for you. Recessed lights don’t take up space like other light fixtures do. You might need that space for something else. Another advantage is that recessed lighting is very easy and effortless to install. It’s a good value for what your basement needs.

4. Heated Baseboards

Everyone knows that heat rises. That’s why it makes perfect sense to put heaters into the baseboards of the walls. Make sure you can pull this off with your current HVAC system in your home. You don’t want to utilize space heaters in a space such as a finished basement, so it’s definitely a good idea to use real heating if possible.

5. Add Bookshelves

Bookshelves can come in handy for a lot of reasons. The basement can be a good place for bookshelves. You can store office materials, children’s books, and your own books there. Bookshelves add a look of sophistication as well as a comfortable vibe to a finished basement.

Remodeling your basement is easy with these simple tips. You and your family will cherish this new space for as long as you live in the home. And if you ever want to sell your home, you’ll be able to use the finished basement as a bargaining chip to get a higher sale price.

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