3 New and Trendy Home Renovation Ideas to Speak Your Creativity

Home renovations are often time-consuming but when you hire the right renovator, the process becomes stress-free. And so fulfilling once you finish the project. Some homeowners choose to reimagine how they use their space, while others aim to add comfort. At the heart of every renovation is your home’s real estate value.

Collaborating with experts like Royal Home Improvements is essential for identifying the elements you can optimize for a creative effect. Every stage requires proper planning, so ensure you develop a strategy. You can start with one space and move on to another area later, or you can renovate multiple areas of your home simultaneously. 

Whatever your choice, here are the top three new home renovation ideas that highlight your creativity.

1. The Biophilic Living Room

After months of lockdown and working from home, many renovations are focusing on the importance of reconnecting with nature using biophilic design principles. The focus is to create calming environments by incorporating plants and visual connections with nature. Ventilation and natural lighting also play a vital role.

​Biophilic design resonates with our inherent need to connect with nature in the modern environment. It promotes emotional attachments to spaces and various settings in our home. These emotional attachments boost our productivity and performance and help us sustain the places we live in. There are three main elements of a biophilic living room:

The physical Presence of Nature

This involves incorporating actual natural elements in your living room, such as water, plants, scents, sounds, and breezes. Vertical gardens in your living space purify the air and bring the room to life. You can install a living flower or herb garden on one wall.

You can have different plant types, such as fillers like ferns, thrillers like orchids, or spillers like creeping figs. Water sounds create a calm atmosphere for our minds to relax. Wave sounds encourage a peaceful pace throughout your thought process. Consider homemade indoor fountains

Space and Place

As you incorporate physical elements in your living room, you must consider where you place them and the general space. For instance, it’s best to position indoor plants where they are easily noticeable. The prominent presence ensures a natural ambiance in the room.

Nature’s Shapes, Forms, Patterns, and Processes

The biophilic design also includes non-living organic representations of nature. These can be shapes, colors, materials, and objects in textiles, furniture, and artwork. For instance, natural wood furniture manifests nature without actual plants. A nature-inspired color scheme also has a similar effect. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean lush green colors and earthy shades, as there are thousands of hues to choose from. Think of your favorite natural environment, like a beach, for instance. You can achieve this effect using cool shades of blue and beige. If you like open skies, think of the various tones it changes to and mix it up. 

Add Views of Outdoor Elements

Views of natural elements or nature show and promote creativity in your home. For instance, if you desire a breathtaking view but your home lacks the space, you can hang a gorgeous painting or photo of a landscape. 

Although the image is 2D, the sense of depth creates the same effect as the actual view. Shades of blue and green often remind people of trees, water, and peaceful skies. Designs that optimize natural lights and highlight views of fresh air, natural vegetation, and nature have a similar calming effect.

Wall Art

Wall art is a trend that never goes out of fashion. Wall art doesn’t only refer to huge or expensive paintings. There are various other forms of wall art, such as wall fountains. A wall fountain brings nature into your home with the relaxing sound of flowing water. Picture your lush green vertical garden surrounding a gorgeous wall fountain. Thanks to technology, most planters are self-watering, so you can include one in your bathroom renovation Toronto.


Hanging mirrors on your walls helps to brighten the room and create a sense of space. The trick to proper positioning is the item the mirror reflects. For instance, hanging a mirror opposite your window reflects natural light into the room, brightening the space. A mirror behind flower arrangements makes them appear bigger and fuller. 

Reach out to us today, and allow us to actualize your dream space.

Color Clashing Cushions

2022 is the year of cushion freedom, bidding goodbye to the days of shopping for matching cushions. The new mismatching trend is a fantastic opportunity to express your creativity. It’s all about uniqueness, self-expression, and creativity; you can also throw in your sense of humor. A mismatched scheme is genuinely unique, giving your living room a distinctive edge and sense of style. It also makes individual pieces stand out, adding an elegant yet fun vibe. There’s no better way to highlight your bold, confident design, character, and personality. 

If you prefer more uniformity, choose one theme or anchor color that links the various patterns. For instance, if you like blue, you can choose a blue fabric with various patterns, textures, and designs. You can then look for other items with blue undertones to complete the look. The best part is that there are no rules in mismatching, so don’t shy away from precisely what you like.

Feature Lighting

Decorative feature lighting makes a statement in the room. It can be one fixture or a group, such as a chandelier, floor lamp, wall lights, pendants, or LED strips. Regardless of your preference, our experts can assist you from the planning and design stage to installation.

2. Rejuvenated Bedroom

Particular colors stimulate your brain to evoke certain moods. You can change the bedroom wall color to create a relaxing mood. Cool colors such as purple, green, and blue have a soothing, relaxing effect. Neutral colors such as brown, gray, white, or black also promote a sense of comfort. You can try shades of cool and neutral colors to see what portrays your style.

Irregular Rugs

Irregular rugs have unique designs to suit every style. Such rugs have eye-catching prints and patterns that can complement your bedding. Whether you prefer angular, geometric, rounded, or curvy shapes, irregular rugs are a great way to personalize your space.

Rugs, Fabric, or Tapestry Decor

Textiles have interesting textures, patterns, and colors, making them perfect for wall décor. You can reuse any fabric, such as quits, wraps, blankets, and rugs.

3. The Invisible Kitchen

Everyone can appreciate a stylish kitchen, regardless of the size of your home. The invisible kitchen is one of the best kitchen trends in 2022 due to its practicality. Kitchens are often full of tableware, utensils, and various appliances. Since these items are essential, this modern trend is primarily a highly-functional space without all the clutter.  

The invisible kitchen has everything a standard kitchen has but is away from view. It’s an excellent way to streamline your kitchen space. You can start by investing in innovative storage solutions like the Lazy Susan. You can conceal various appliances such as kettles, toasters, and coffee grinders. They are available in different sizes, depending on the size and number of your appliances. You can install a lift-up “appliance garage” where the door slides up or a flip-up garage where the door opens at a right angle. The tambour appliance garage opens like a garage door. 

Talk to us immediately about your kitchen renovation in Toronto; we will work with you to deliver a more functional, appealing, and convenient space.

Camouflage Appliances

Disguising the fridge as a cabinet is a great way to create a minimalist, modern look. It adds a sense of style by coordinating the color theme. You can do the same for other appliances such as the dishwasher and standing stove.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Your cabinets may be a candidate for an upgrade rather than a total replacement. Even simple efforts such as changing the knobs and rods on your kitchen drawers, doors, and cabinets have surprising effects. It’s also perfect if you’re renting your home since you can detach and reattach the old ones when it’s time to move.

Smart Kitchen

As technology continues to evolve, kitchen appliances are not far behind. It’s now possible to control various kitchen features and devices using your smartphone. For instance, you can install ambient LED lighting or Wi-Fi-controlled intelligent heaters. There’s no need to miss out on the action as you can integrate surround-sound systems and screens connected to your streaming service.

Be Bold as You Embrace the Future

Home renovations aren’t always about adding new features. You can unleash your creativity by altering the existing features and achieving the same result or better. Sometimes, the best decor ideas are unpredictable ones. You can start by thinking of the unexpected ways you can transform your living space. 

Royal Home Improvements is your ultimate solution if you need guidance or assistance for your home renovation in Toronto.

Our experts have adequate experience in every aspect of home planning and renovation. We will work with you to ensure every element oozes class, elegance, and style, from the furniture layout to the paint colors and the items within the space.

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