The Best Materials for a Bathroom Reno

Before starting a bathroom renovation, make sure to pick out the materials that you intend to use and come up with a plan. Knowing which materials you want can help you to figure out how your bathroom will look once it is completed; however, remember that looks are not the only factor. You will have to consider durability, how resistant the materials are to moisture and mold as well as how easy they are to clean. Consider visiting a showroom where the different bathroom components are on display. This can give you a better feel for the materials and show you what is available. Here are the main bathroom components and the materials that you should consider:

bathroom materials

  • Flooring
    Tile is the most popular type of flooring for bathrooms. You should opt for larger tiles with neutral color schemes. Given the fact that bathrooms are subject to humidity, opt for ceramic tiles as these have more texture which can help to prevent slipping. Honed natural stone can provide the same benefit. Other options include sealed wood floors and vinyl, which is usually very affordable.
  • Countertops
    Your countertops must be able to stand up to moisture while also providing a usable surface. Your vanity top can serve as a focal point for your bathroom and there are options available to suit a wide range of budgets and tastes. Granite or marble can provide your vanity with a luxurious look while engineered stone is durable and easy to repair if it gets scratched. Laminate, tile and wood are alternatives that are more economical; however, they can be less durable and not as easy to maintain.
  • Cabinets
    You will want cabinets that are easy to clean and that give your bathroom the look that you want, whether you prefer a modern or antique look. Woods like oak, cherry or walnut are popular materials and bathroom cabinets that look like antique dressers are currently fashionable. An exhaust fan can help to limit the moisture that might cause damage to wood cabinets.
  • Fixtures
    Your sink is another of the important components in your bathroom design. Traditionally, bathroom sinks have been made from porcelain; however, other materials have become popular in recent years. Glass and cast iron sinks are available and can provide you with a greater range of decoration options. When it comes to bathtubs, commonly used (and less expensive) materials include acrylic and enameled cast iron. Marble, onyx and granite are some of your more costly bathtub material options. For toilets, the standard material is porcelain. There is a wide variety of color and design options for porcelain toilets, which may call for you to spend some time on the decision.
  • Backsplashes
    Bathroom backsplashes are another way that you can give the room a focal point. There is a wide range of tile materials to choose from, including glass and subway tile. Both materials are available in numerous colors. Mosaic tile patterns can give a bathroom character while helping it to feel bigger.

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