Easy Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Trends for 2018

bathroom renovation
Thinking of bathroom renovations? There’s no time like the present, and 2018 is as good a year as any to put your bathroom improvement ideas into motion.

While you’re at it, why not see what’s trending this year to help bring your bathroom spaces to the next level? You can opt for classic or contemporary designs that incorporate trendy remodeling bathroom ideas as well as timeless features.

Let’s take a look at five of the biggest (and easiest) bathroom renovations trends so far this year:

More storage. One of the things that make bathrooms look messy and tired is having toiletries and other items strewn about in plain sight. One bathroom improvement idea that won’t break the bank is the addition of more storage – such as a new vanity or even a built-in or standalone rustic linen closet to keep the space tidier, and more spacious looking.

The spa experience. People are always trying to find ways to get away for some relaxation, but why not do this at home? Consider a bigger bathtub that’s nice and deep for a long soak, or even a jet tub for the massage benefits. You can even install bath/shower speakers and a light dimmer for that extra touch.

Feeling blue. It seems a lot of people are ditching plain white or other tones for deep blue hues. Blue is a calming colour and looks good with almost anything – although you could consider adding white elements in the room for a nice contrast.

Let it rain. Instead of crouching under the showerhead to rinse your hair (if you happen to be especially tall), why not let the shower rain down on you like nature intended? More and more people are opting for an overhead “rainfall” experience for a nice, even soak.

Adding plants. You have plants in your living room, by why not your bathroom? It makes sense – plants will generally love the humidity of your bathroom, and some plants can even help the space smell fresher (by absorbing scents) without the need for artificial sprays. You can build dedicated areas for plants, or just place them around the room as space allows.

Whatever your tastes, applying some trendy tips into your bathroom improvement ideas won’t hurt, and could make your bathrooms more practical in the long run. Hire an experienced contractor that can also suggest great design elements without breaking the bank.

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