Home Additions to Improve your Kitchen this Fall

The kitchen is a room in the home that is often easy to improve. There isn’t a lot of space, making it easier to get a full view of what you are doing and how designs will blend together instead of looking at one area at a time. There are a few improvements that you can make in the kitchen during the fall season that can make the room comfortable and enjoyable for having a meal with family.

kitchen home improvement

Open Up

Cabinets on the walls can often make the room seem small. You might not have as much room as you desire, either. One of the ways that you can open up the room is by taking the cabinets down and adding shelves. You can display dishes that you don’t use or glass containers with spices and baking products. An open shelf system is a way to see what you have to cook with while giving more room to add decorations that others can see. This is a kitchen home improvement that can add a touch of modern design to the home.


You might not think that new appliances can make a difference, but if you make the right changes, then you can even make the kitchen seem larger. Consider stainless steel or white colors for the appliances. Lighter colors can make your kitchen seem larger. If you already have lighter colors, then think about changing them to something darker for a dramatic difference. This can give the comforting feeling to the home as warmer colors can be used with the dark appliances.


A change in the hardware can have a dramatic effect on how the kitchen looks. Change the direction of the hardware on cabinets and drawers while changing the color as well. If you are updating the entire kitchen, then consider using hardware that is in a decorative shape instead of something plain and simple. However, if you’re going for a modern look that doesn’t have a lot of overwhelming design, then you might want to use hardware that is of a straight line in a monotone color. Toronto hardware stores often have a large selection of designs to choose from that can be used on drawers and cabinets of all sizes.


This is an idea for those who want a little design on the walls without painting the entire wall. Backsplash is easy to add as some designs have a sticky surface on the back. All you have to do is remove the paper and place the design on the wall. Some designs require glue to adhere to the wall. Backsplash is often used behind a stove, but you can use it as a trim along the counter area. You can sometimes cut the backsplash pieces to make a design on the wall that blends with the theme of the room.

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