Home Improvement Tips: How to Increase the Value of Your Home?

Home Improvements in Toronto

With the real estate market of Toronto not looking like it’s going to put its brakes on anytime soon, the GTA is undisputably one of the best choices for real estate investment in Canada. With a such a good prospect for the future, it is now the right time to do some serious planning. If you are thinking how to make your own home sell for more, here are a few tips to increase its value on the market.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Overtime paint chips, cracks or peels. A fresh coat of paint will give your home a breath of fresh air. However it is advised to choose more neutral colors. A neutral color will satisfy a wider range of buyers, allowing them to project their own ideas on it, planning their furniture setup and other interior design considerations.

Go Green

In this modern world where energy efficiency is increasingly important, more and more potential buyers are looking into going green. Energy efficiency is not only there for moral reasons like reducing the environmental footprint but also for practical purposes, like reducing energy costs long term. Energy efficient windows and quality wall insulation can be done on the cheap, but there are also major upgrades, like solar panels for example, that you may want to look into as you’re considering your Toronto home improvements project.

Remodelling the Kitchen and Bathroom

As any broker will tell you, for many homeowners and potential buyers there are two things in a home that are most important – the kitchen and the bathroom. While full scale home improvements in Toronto may be a bit pricey, there are many great upgrades that you can do without bulldozing it all down and building anew.

Replacing old faucets, sinks, toilet seats and cabinet pulls, removing stains, rust and grout, adding fresh caulk to the bathroom, and other similar fixes can give a facelift to both your kitchen and bathroom. If you have a larger budget at your disposal, you may want to look into replacing old cabinets or installing low-flush toilets for the bathroom and adding new energy efficient appliances for the kitchen.

Let there be Light

Lighting in a home is extremely important, and proper lighting will go a long way to increase the value of your home. Replacing old light fixtures with newer and brighter energy-efficient ones is one of the most cost effective ways to brighten up your home. You may also look into adding a chandelier to the dining room or the ever popular sun tubes or skylights if budget permits. Want to know what else you can do with your home to increase its value? Call Royal Home Improvement and enjoy the services of the best team for home improvement in Toronto!

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