Kitchen Renovations: Best Remodeling Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. Combining appliances, storage, lighting; each of which must function properly and be well planned for ease of use and elegant appearance.

Toronto kitchen renovation projects start with efficiency. This term has always meant that things should be accessible, durable and generally well planned. In the 21st century, Toronto interior design also has the factor of planning for hi-tech gadgetry and modern electronics to make any kitchen into a technological marvel.

Let’s take a look at some gadgets that can boost your kitchen to a new level of cool.

Motion Sensors and Remote Controls

If your first thought was light switches, you are correct, but there are more options than that! You can program your kitchen lights to work only when someone is in the room, but it can also apply to lights inside the cabinets themselves. Motor driven storage compartments that slide on rails are not a thing of the future anymore. Motion activated water taps are also here to stay and are becoming the default in many households.

High-Tech Appliances

This is a section you can write a whole book about, but the general message is that microwave ovens, convection ovens, dishwashers and even garbage disposal units are becoming increasingly user-friendly while saving you time and money. They can connect to your phone allowing you to remotely start dinner before you have even left work, and generally run quite a bit of your kitchen for you.

Now let’s talk a bit about modern trends in kitchen layouts.

Open Sesame

The kitchen is not a place to be hidden from the rest of the home anymore. We cook, eat and entertain there, meaning the open concept is also here to stay. As far as the appearance goes, it’s still an entirely personal choice. You can go for a classic style, with white cupboards and chrome finishes, or choose a more modern look that combines natural wood and matte black appliances. If you are having a hard time piecing together elements you love, try creating an idea book, or give Royal Home Improvements a call to help you with the design!

Divide and Conquer

Most people with an open concept kitchen have difficulty keeping the cooking process (and the mess it produces) out of sight. This is helped by another new trend in Toronto modern kitchen renovations – the pantry.

The new pantry can have storage shelves and prep spaces, dishwasher, fridge and most cooking gear, while the open kitchen area can have all that you need for serving and entertaining guests, such as the bar and serving dishes.

If you like those ideas as much as we do and want to get more remodeling ideas for kitchens, contact us today. Your dream kitchen is just a call away.

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