When is the Right Time to Upgrade your Basement?

Basement renovations & upgrades

Similar to many other renovations, basement renovations are a way to change the entire feel of your house. Basement renovations are a way for you to add extra living and storage space to your home. Whether it be a family room or another bedroom, basements have the ability to add significant value to your home. If you are thinking about upgrading your basement, the best time to start is after the main rooms in your house are completed but before you plan to sell your house.

Although basements can add value to your house, it is important to focus on the more integral rooms in your home. Your kitchen, bathroom, and main living areas should be completed first before you add a finished basement to the list. The main rooms in your house will likely receive more foot traffic from family and friends and offer a more practical and functional use. Prioritizing your renovations will allow you to complete the most important spaces first in case you run out of time, money, and/or resources.

If you are planning on selling your house in the future, a basement renovation will increase your home’s resale value. Basement renovations have a high return on your investment when you put your house on the market. The added living space will be appealing to prospective buyers, especially in urban markets like Toronto and surrounding areas. A finished basement attracts many different target markets such as young families and retired couples. When potential buyers are viewing your house, a finished basement will give them the freedom to make the space what they want. Basements are versatile spaces and will allow someone to use the room as a creative outlet.

When it is the right time to start renovating your basement, consider hiring a basement renovation contractor. If your basement is one of the last things you renovate, you will already know the time and money that is invested during renovations. Hiring a professional will allow you to put the work in the hands of someone who has industry expertise and knowledge. They will work with you to optimize the space to ensure that your basement is adding value to your home.

Although it can be intimidating when you are thinking about renovating your basement, it will be worth it in the long run. It is important to plan your renovation during a timeline that works for you. Consult your basement renovation contractor to figure out what would be the best time for you to renovate your basement. A professional will work with you in creating a realistic plan and time frame to ensure that your renovation will work well for you and your situation.

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