Transform Your Basement Into a Comfy Bedroom

In our day and age, moving into a more spacious place is becoming more and more expensive. But what do you do when you get a new family member and you don’t have an extra room?

The answer is to turn your basement into a bedroom.

And here is how you do it.

The process of turning your basement into a bedroom (or office, or home theater) is in fact not as daunting as many might think. A good Toronto basement renovations company will do this for you in short order and within your budget. The increase in living space – not to mention property value – will sure be well worth the investment. So how is it done?

There Are 6 Steps to any Basement Renovations Project

  1. Build up the Basement Walls

The typical basement is either too big to be used as one room, or has bare concrete finish – or both – which means that some basic framing is in order. Building up a framework is simplest using 2/4 boards. You can nail the wood together either with nails or a nail gun. The drywall goes on top of that. Don’t underestimate the importance of good workmanship with either step. Bad drywall or loose lumber will leave the place poorly protected from drafts and humidity. In a basement, it’s a very important thing.

  1. Installing the Basement Ceiling

Basements typically have higher ceilings, also unfinished concrete. This means you will need to install a ceiling above the space. This job should also be done by professionals, if you are to avoid hazards. The popular choice is drop ceilings made of lightweight tiles. Make sure to plan your lighting in advance, so you don’t have to build it into an already finished ceiling after.

  1. Paint the Walls

Once the drywall is installed and fully dried, it’s time put some paint on it.  Make sure you use primer first, and only then apply the paint. You can repaint the walls directly next time around, but new drywall has to be primed before you paint it the first time. An important thing to know here is that you should install the trim only after painting the walls. This will allow you to avoid the hassle of protecting the trim from the paint.

  1. Basement Lighting

When it comes to lighting, there are many choices, including overhead lights, pot lights, floor lamps, and wall mounted lighting. Consult with your Toronto basement renovations specialists for the best choice for your particular project.

  1. Install the Basement Floors

We’re almost done, and now it’s time to choose and install the flooring. Basements tend to be a bit damp, so wall-to-wall carpets are not necessarily a good idea. Tile and vinyl are the safest choices, since they allow you to remove and replace individual parts as needed. Most people put a nice area rug on top to make the place warm and cozy. If you really want to go with carpets, then installing carpet squares is advisable.

That’s is!

All that’s left is to put some nice furniture inside and there you have it – your own, very new, extra room. If you want to know more about materials, prices and discounts – the Royal Home Improvement group is here for you.

Call us now and get your dream basement bedroom project on the way!

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