Kitchen Renovations to Increase the Value of Your Home

Kitchen Renovations
The kitchen is called the “heart” of a home – but it could also be called the stomach. Whatever you refer to it as, kitchen makeovers can make a big difference in the look and function of your home.

However, like any renovation, planning is key to get the best value for your budget. That means working with a reputable kitchen contractor in Toronto that knows how you can best improve your kitchen space at an affordable price, while also getting the best return on your investment

Here are some kitchen remodel ideas that can make your life easier while making the space more beautiful and appealing to potential buyers:

Add new countertops. Your old counters could be looking worn out or boring, and adding new counters – and even more countertop space – can be a big plus. There are several options out there depending on your budget and taste, from granite, quartz, and even marble. Some require more maintenance than others, so do your homework.

Swap the flooring. There are so many options for flooring out there that look amazing but are a fraction of the cost of some traditional products. For example, vinyl tile/planks are available that give the look of hardwood, but are waterproof to resist the spills that will inevitably happen in the kitchen.

Build an island. A new cornerstone to any great kitchen remodel, adding an island has practical purposes. Not only will it extend the amount of counterspace you have to prepare food, you can also surround it with chairs and use it as a place to enjoy a family breakfast.

Change the cabinets. There are options when it comes to upgrading your cabinetry – you can completely remove the old cabinets and build brand new ones, only replace the doors, or you can simply have the doors refinished and repainted for a newer look. Cabinets make a big visual impact in a room, and are a popular component of kitchen renovations in Toronto.

Brighten it with light. Good lighting is important to make any space look spectacular, and the kitchen is no different. Whether you want a mini-chandelier, or track lighting, or pot lights, investing in better lighting for your kitchen can go a long way in kitchen makeovers. Not only will it bring out all the best features of your kitchen, it also serves an important function to help you see better when you’re dicing your veggies.

Improving your kitchen means improving your entire home. Some kitchen contractors in Toronto specialize in only flooring or cabinets, so choose one that has the resources or connections (subcontractors) to get it done as one project to save time and money.

Why are Kitchen Renovations Necessary to Boost Your House Value?

kitchen renovationsThe kitchen – it’s where your family spends a lot of quality time together, and it’s also where you put your heart and soul making meals that your loved ones will enjoy. When you host a get-together, it’s where guests inevitably gravitate to for lively conversation and snacks.

It’s no surprise then that house hunters often judge your home’s worth by the state of the kitchen. Located in the heart of your house, the kitchen can influence the selling price of the property – and the quality of the offers you will get.

That’s why kitchen renovations are one of the first upgrades you should consider when you’re looking to improve the look and function of your home, while maximizing your return on investment. Whether you’re refinishing cabinets, adding new hardware, installing new countertops, applying new paint or enhancing the lighting, an attractive kitchen will surely attract more quality buyers.

Even a small kitchen remodeling project that doesn’t involve replacing all the components can boost your home’s value by a significant amount. In fact, a number of experts suggest you should put your dollars into giving your kitchen a facelift rather than spending it on minor maintenance that people probably won’t notice. Even a minor kitchen remodel can recoup around 93 percent of its cost at resale, while a major kitchen upgrade can pay for itself entirely (or more).

One of the keys in unlocking the most potential in your kitchen is hiring a professional contractor in GTA that specializes in kitchen upgrades. It can ensure you’re getting the best value for your money, and can provide an accurate estimate as a cost calculator so there are no unpleasant surprises once you receive the final invoice.

Meanwhile, consider that the bathroom is another hot spot for potential buyers – so don’t bury a bathroom remodel job on your list of to-dos when you’re preparing your home for sale. You can expect a similar return on investment by upgrading your bathroom or adding a new one as you would from a kitchen renovation.

A good contractor not only provides quality workmanship, but can also offer great design ideas to help your home look and function at its best. It will also use quality materials and back up its work with a guarantee. Don’t hire the contractor unless you’ve seen some of the previous kitchen renovation projects completed by the company, or they have provided solid references.

Once you’ve hired the right contractor to complete the job, the only thing left to do is sit back and admire your new kitchen!

Kitchen Renovations: Best Remodeling Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. Combining appliances, storage, lighting; each of which must function properly and be well planned for ease of use and elegant appearance.

Toronto kitchen renovation projects start with efficiency. This term has always meant that things should be accessible, durable and generally well planned. In the 21st century, Toronto interior design also has the factor of planning for hi-tech gadgetry and modern electronics to make any kitchen into a technological marvel.

Let’s take a look at some gadgets that can boost your kitchen to a new level of cool.

Motion Sensors and Remote Controls

If your first thought was light switches, you are correct, but there are more options than that! You can program your kitchen lights to work only when someone is in the room, but it can also apply to lights inside the cabinets themselves. Motor driven storage compartments that slide on rails are not a thing of the future anymore. Motion activated water taps are also here to stay and are becoming the default in many households.

High-Tech Appliances

This is a section you can write a whole book about, but the general message is that microwave ovens, convection ovens, dishwashers and even garbage disposal units are becoming increasingly user-friendly while saving you time and money. They can connect to your phone allowing you to remotely start dinner before you have even left work, and generally run quite a bit of your kitchen for you.

Now let’s talk a bit about modern trends in kitchen layouts.

Open Sesame

The kitchen is not a place to be hidden from the rest of the home anymore. We cook, eat and entertain there, meaning the open concept is also here to stay. As far as the appearance goes, it’s still an entirely personal choice. You can go for a classic style, with white cupboards and chrome finishes, or choose a more modern look that combines natural wood and matte black appliances. If you are having a hard time piecing together elements you love, try creating an idea book, or give Royal Home Improvements a call to help you with the design!

Divide and Conquer

Most people with an open concept kitchen have difficulty keeping the cooking process (and the mess it produces) out of sight. This is helped by another new trend in Toronto modern kitchen renovations – the pantry.

The new pantry can have storage shelves and prep spaces, dishwasher, fridge and most cooking gear, while the open kitchen area can have all that you need for serving and entertaining guests, such as the bar and serving dishes.

If you like those ideas as much as we do and want to get more remodeling ideas for kitchens, contact us today. Your dream kitchen is just a call away.

Royal Home Improvements offers free estimates by calling 416-236-4400.

Home Improvements to Chase the Winter Blues Away


You don’t have to be stuck inside this winter with the blahs. Even though you can’t get outside to work on projects around the house, you can do many things to chase away your cold weather blues and spruce up your home. There are three key areas you can work on even when the temperature is below freezing.


The lack of daylight can dampen the mood of the most cheerful people. But you don’t have to stay in the dark. Winter is the perfect time to consider adding some light to your home.

If you want to save money, look at LED lights. You can also add dimmers to your lighting system to save on utility bills. Buy that chandelier you have had your eye on to add elegance to your dining room.

Add warmth to your home

A ceiling fan is a great way to add light and warmth and light to your home. Newer designs can add a spark to any room. To keep heat in your room, you can rotate your fan clockwise to bring the warm air down to where you are.

As the temperatures drop, you can make home improvements to help you keep your home warm. Ask a heating and air professional to do an energy audit. Some routine maintenance may help save you money on your utility bills.

How long has it been since you have changed your thermostat? Newer models allow you to adjust your thermostat to one comfortable setting. You can even invest in one that allows you to adjust the temperature of your home remotely.

Fix up your bathroom

Are you tired of looking at the grout in your tile? Do you long to have a Jacuzzi tub? Winter is a great time to modernize your bathroom and turn it into the bathroom you really want.

Many of the renovations, such as replacing a faucet or tile, are easy to do. If you want that new tub or shower, contact a professional to help you.

Top Three Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

kitchen renovationYou may look at an old kitchen and think its no problem renovating it. So you go about it. The tear out looked easy, but it becomes difficult. When it comes time to rebuild, the stumbling blocks became almost monumental. Key mistakes makes even minor tasks turning into a major difficulties.

1.  Lack of Planning

A lack of planning is a top mistake made. When it comes time to tear out the old, plumbing and electrical fixtures have to be disconnected first. If it’s an old house, it may have just one whole-house water shutoff. Electrically, it may have just one breaker for half the house. You have to plan for this, and take the correct course of action, such as installing more shutoffs, even before the tear out begins.

2.  Unforeseen Difficulties

Many problems pop up as the work is progressing. For example, a hidden wasp’s nest may be encountered during the tear out. Pipes may have asbestos insulation, requiring a HAZMAT crew to tear them out. The mistake of not expecting the unexpected leads to time delays and the project going over budget.

3.  Shoddy Workmanship

Another key mistake is to trust a “hack” to perform quality craftsmanship. Shoddy workmanship leads to call backs (if they ever come back) and lawsuits. Plumbing connections may drip, cabinets may be out of square, and tiles may fall off in a month after the “craftsmen” leave. Not investigating the building contractor thoroughly before the job begins leads to trouble.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. When you do a kitchen renovation job, it starts on a blank pieced of paper even before the job begins. You have to account for even the small details, such as walls being slightly out of square. If you decide to do it just as it goes along, it will lead to nothing but troubles and headaches.

Always trust the professionals when it comes to your kitchen renovation.

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